Cottage Grove Mobility Hub Survey

The City of Cottage Grove and South Lane Wheels are partnering to design a mobility hub that meets the transit needs of the community. As part of the research, we would like input about mobility hub needs. A mobility hub is a centralized location where many different forms of transportation meet up to make using transit even more convenient. The study that is being created will be separated into three parts. The first part is to identify what a transit hub generally would need, as well as identify what the Cottage Grove community would want in a centralized transit area. Staff will then evaluate locations and identify current, proposed, and long range uses and how the mobility hub could work within these plans. Lastly, we will examine how these two overlap and decide how to properly build this for the community. The survey is to gain the community’s input on what kind of additional transportation modes you would like to have access to in our community. The survey can be accessed by accessing this link: or filling out the survey below which will be open until the end of August. Abby Gisler with South Lane Wheels email is: Feel free to email with any questions!